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(1) Original carburetors are getting more scarce and harder to find every day.

(2) You will never get a original complete carburetor again unless you pay big dollars for an original core and if you can find one.

(3) All over the counter carburetors are made out of bins of mixed body parts.

(4) an original carburetor was made specially for the engine size and vehicle type from the factory the vehicle came with. Over the counter carburetors are not they are made to fit a GROUP of different vehicles and engine sizes. This is no good!

(5) If the carburetor you had on your vehicle ran good at one time we can make it run good again.

(6) Three out of five carburetors bought over the counter fail.

(7) Having your carburetor rebuilt you can have some insight as to what caused it to fail if not age to help you fix the problem.

(8) A large number of carburetor bodies are modified to meet certain applications ( there not original)

(9) Due to demand and carburetors not being made anymore, most over the counter carburetors have been rebuilt more times then they should have been causing them to fail.

(10) Most over the counter carburetors use cheap non OEM parts.